HKSAR Government Civil Engineers Association


1. To secure the complete organization in the Association of all local civil engineers of all ranks employed in the Government of Hong Kong;

2. To obtain and maintain just and proper conditions of employment and to protect the general interest of members;

3. To co-operate with other associations or organizations or institutions whose objectives are similar to this association;

4. To regulate the relations and to settle disputes between members and the Government, between one member and another, and between members and other employees by amicable agreements whenever possible;

5. To promote a spirit of mutual respect and understanding between the government and the Association and to secure the establishment of recognized and permanent machinery for negotiation with the government;

6. To assist members and under certain circumstances their families to secure any or all of the benefits and such others as annual or extraordinary general meetings may decide:-

 legal advice and legal assistance where necessary in connection with employment of members;

 monetary relief or such other benefits as may be decided for sickness, accidents, distress and retirement;

 death gratuities and funeral expenses;

 trade dispute benefits;

 generally to promote the social and recreational welfare of the members and their families in any lawful manner.


Objectives of GCEA

Last Update: Dec 2010